Everyone can do what he wants, as long as he gives himself the means ~D57R

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Current version : 2.6

If you have one problem / question, you can talk in chatbox placed in left corner

Description of Galerium

The Galerium is one free menu, compatible with DEX & CEX Cobra, with this menu you can make all you want !
You can play in Online with one free menu stable with exclusives mods !
Few screenshots / video & links download available below ☺

Best Features

Compatible DEX & CEX Cobra
Save & Read .ini
Forced savegame
system (only in Normal)
Available in
French & English
Exclusives mods
& PC Mods
Give RP / derank
Kick non-host
Many protections
Detect attack of players
Give mods to player
Player infos
with detect menu
Fun options
for you & players
And more !

Screenshots & Video

Frequently questions

What is the difference between sprx Normal and sprx Fun ?
With sprx Normal you can load the savegame if you launch the game witch PSN connected, the sprx Fun can't do that but it included 2 more options.

The game is frozen in launch with sprx. What to do ?
Check if your CFW is superior or equal at 4.75 and you are in full DEX or CEX in System Information, check Cobra toggle mode he's must in Enabled, System Mode in Normal and Debug Menu Type in DEX and in Debug Settings you are > Release Check mode in Release Mode, Boot mode in Release Mode and Region in Europe

The game on launch displayed "File .txt not founded...", what to do ?
Check if you are correctly placed the file GaleriumCreatedByDylan57richem.txt into the folder tmp

The game displayed "Files not founded..." when i try connect to Online. What to do ?
Check if you have the EBOOT included with sprx and check if your update.rpf is compatible with 1.27-1.28