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Changelog v2.5 & 2.5.1

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Version 2.5.1 :

- Anti edit stat / disable account / bad sport added (en enabled by default with the .ini)
- Erase reports added (in Online options)
- Remove Bad Sport added (in Online options)
- One notification wrong coded is fixed

Version 2.5 :

Important changes :

- Website available for downloads / contact & more !
- Version Fun available, thins version not include force savegame but include few high options (so stability is less good)
- Forum available for talk all you want :)
- Stability little improved

Additions & changes :

Options on players online
- 1 menu SPRX added in detection of menu

All players
- Weather visible by all players added

- 2 animations added

Driving modes
- Hydraulics improved (you can turn without problem now)

- Marquors 3D added, it display one marquor directly in the game for the Waypoint and for marquor ESP on players
- Notifications infos added on some options

Bug fixed :

- Now it possible to disable Godmode correctly